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Wedding DJ

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Some important responsibilities for the wedding DJ include playing the first song for the couple, the first song for the bride and her father and the first song for the groom and his mother. Choosing a song is an important task, and the songs always show a ton of personality!

  1. 1. Who else does the DJ play a song for?
    1. a. The maid of honor
    2. b. The groom and his mother
    3. c. The best man
  2. 2. Who does the DJ also play a song for?
    1. a. The best man
    2. b. The maid of honor
    3. c. The bride and her father
  3. 3. What song does the DJ play for bride and groom?
    1. a. The wedding march
    2. b. Today's top hit
    3. c. Their first song as a couple