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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

There are over 21 different kinds of walnuts - the most popular is the Persian Walnut. Walnuts are used in cooking and salads. Their oil is a nice alternative to olive oil for dressings. Walnuts are good for the heart and may help with Alzheimer's disease. Aside from the nuts, Walnut trees are very valuable for their "timber," or wood.

  1. 1. What kind of disease are Walnuts good for?
    1. a. Digestive disease
    2. b. Alzheimer's disease
    3. c. Bone disease
  2. 2. What is the most popular kind of walnut?
    1. a. Peruvian Walnut
    2. b. Persian Walnut
    3. c. Parisian Walnut
  3. 3. How many kinds of walnuts are there?
    1. a. 22
    2. b. 12
    3. c. 21