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Buddha's Birthday

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

South Korea celebrates Buddha's birthday, or "Bucheonim osin nal," which means "the day the Buddha arrived." This is a festival that occurs in May. The entire month of May, South Korean temples fly beautiful colored lotus lanterns. On the actual day of the Buddha's birth, temples give away free food and tea to all visitors.

  1. 1. What month is Buddha's Birthday?
    1. a. May
    2. b. April
    3. c. June
  2. 2. What is Buddha's birthday otherwise known as?
    1. a. The day the Buddha smiled
    2. b. The day the Buddha arrived
    3. c. The day Buddha was born
  3. 3. Which country celebrates Buddha's birthday?
    1. a. South Korea
    2. b. North Korea
    3. c. Both