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Giant Clam

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Giant clams grow to a length of four feet and survive because they partner with a special algae that lives in their tissues. This algae provides the clams with food. Giant clams can only be found in shallow waters up to 66 feet, because that's where the helpful algae thrives.

  1. 1. How deep can a giant clam live?
    1. a. 66 feet
    2. b. 30 feet
    3. c. 50 feet
  2. 2. What lives in a giant clam's tissues?
    1. a. Crabs
    2. b. Shrimp
    3. c. A special algae
  3. 3. How long can giant clams grow?
    1. a. 3 feet
    2. b. 4 feet
    3. c. 6 feet