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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Kent is all about teamwork. During game play, both people in a team try to get four of a kind. It's sort of like Spoons. The trick is: the other member of your team has to yell out "Kent" when you get four of a kind to win. Successful players must develop a system of signals. Kicking your teammate under the table always works!

  1. 1. What does your teammate yell out to win?
    1. a. Kent!
    2. b. Cards!
    3. c. Deck!
  2. 2. You need four of a what to win?
    1. a. Kind
    2. b. Face
    3. c. Row
  3. 3. Kent is a game of what?
    1. a. Skill
    2. b. Speed
    3. c. Teamwork