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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Gala Apples came from Australia and, just like the Pink Lady, are a child of the Golden Delicious apple. They are red and pink with yellow stripes and are some of the softest apples around, perfect for older folks and kids with braces. They are sweet and have a very mild flavor, making them a mellow snack.

  1. 1. What texture are Gala apples?
    1. a. Firm
    2. b. Medium
    3. c. Very soft
  2. 2. What apple was used to make the Gala apple?
    1. a. The Pink Lady
    2. b. The Golden Delicious
    3. c. The Red Delicious
  3. 3. Where did Gala Apples come from?
    1. a. Indonesia
    2. b. Tibet
    3. c. Australia