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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Fuji apples, true to their name, were invented in Japan from Red Delicious apples. They have a refreshing crisp texture and a sweet taste. Did you know that Fuji apples have one of the longest shelf lives of any fruit? Left in the refrigerator, a Fuji apple can stay fresh up to five months!

  1. 1. What apple was used to create Fuji apples?
    1. a. Pink Lady
    2. b. Red Delicious
    3. c. Golden Delicious
  2. 2. How long can a Fuji stay fresh in the refrigerator?
    1. a. 6 months
    2. b. 5 months
    3. c. 4 months
  3. 3. Where were Fuji apples first created?
    1. a. Japan
    2. b. Taiwan
    3. c. South Korea