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Fun Sports

With games like the Wii Fit re-introducing us to virtual versions of some of the world's easiest games, here's a collection that celebrates easy games that can be enjoyed in the real world, with friends and outside in the sunshine.


The object of dodgeball, which is a very popular game in PE classes in elementary, middle and high school, is to dodge the ball being thrown by the other team. Every time a player throws a ball and hits someone from the other team, the player who got hit is out. Every time a player throws a ball and the other player catches it, the thrower is out. If the ball bounces, then the other team can catch it and throw it.

Flag Football

Flag football is a game popular worldwide. It goes by many of the same rules as American football does, only it is much less violent. Players wear belts with four or more flags hanging from them, attached by velcro. When they have the ball, another player can yank off one of the flags and trigger a down. There is even the International Federation of Flag Football, as well as the Flag Football World Cup.

Four Square

Four square is a court divided into quadrants. A player stands in each quadrant and passes the ball in order from square to square. The object of the game is not to screw up while everyone else eliminates themselves by hitting the ball into the wrong square, hitting a player or going out of turn.

Hide and Go Seek

Hide and Go Seek is a very fun game. One player is "it" and counts to thirty seconds while the rest of the players hide themselves. "It" must then walk around and find all the players. The last player to be found is the winner. There's also a great alternative to this game called Sardines. In Sardines, one player hides and the rest close their eyes. Then they split up. One by one, when the players find the hiding place, they join in. The last person to find it is the loser.


Hopscotch is a game where players hop over a course made up of single squares and double squares next to each other. The player tosses the marker into the first square, then they must hop through the course. Then they toss the marker into the second square and do the course again. The first player to do a course for each square without losing their balance or skipping wins!


A jump rope is a very old and low-tech way of getting some great exercise. The more difficult version of jump rope is jumping Double Dutch, where two separate ropes are spun at the same time by two people who each control one end of the two ropes. The game starts with an established rhythm and ends when the jumper gets tangled in the ropes.


Paintball is a game that can have many complicated rules, depending on who is playing and their skill level. The basic object of the game is to eliminate the members of the other team by shooting them with balls of pain that explode on their clothes. The guns that shoot paintballs don't fire with gunpowder and a spark, they use CO2, or compressed air, to propel the ball from the gun.


Tag is a very simple and very popular game. One person starts out as "it," and they try to chase down the other players and touch or "tag" one. That person then becomes "it" but they can't tag back the person who just tagged them. There are rules to every tag game, of course, like the idea of safe zones. If a certain player is touching an object, like a tree, or on the grass or pavement, they're safe from tagging.

Tether Ball

Tether ball is played around a 10 foot pole with a ball tied to it on rope. Two players stand on opposite ends, hitting the ball counterclockwise and clockwise, respectively. The first player to wind the rope all around the pole is the winner.