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Shuffle Board Table Game

An action-filled game for two or more players.

What You'll Need

How To Do It

Step 1

Either trace or redraw the playing board.

Step 2

The purpose of the game is to score 200 points first, in the same number of turns on the board. Each player has 3 'men,' typically checkers or buttons.

Step 3

Each player 'shoots' with a cocked finger – of flips, if more convenient, one 'man' at a time onto the scoring part of the board.

Step 4

These men are 2 feet from the lower end of the board. The idea is to have the men in the sections with the highest scores.

Step 5

After every round, the scores are totaled. The player scoring 200 points or more first wins. Or the highest score, if more than one player scores 200 points, is the winner.