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Here is a fascinating paper-cutting trick where you can make three popular cross shapes. If the paper is folded according to directions, a single cut of the shears will produce a Latin cross, which has one long arm and one short arm, a Greek cross, in which all arms are equal in length, or a Maltese cross, with arms thin at the center and wide at the ends.

What You'll Need

How To Do It

Step 1

Take a long sheet of paper like that in Figure 1 and divide it on the line AB so that you have a square and a small oblong.

Step 1 Image

Step 2

Fold the upper left corner down on the dotted line, which will produce figure 2.

Step 2 Image

Step 3

Then fold the upper corner down to the left on the dotted line in figure 2, which will produce a paper shaped like figure 3.

Step 3 Image

Step 4

Now fold the left side over to the right on the dotted line in figure 3, which leaves you with figure 4.

Step 4 Image

Step 5

To produce the Latin cross, cut along the dotted line in figure 4.

Step 5 Image

Step 6

For the Greek or Maltese cross, cut along the line CB in figure 4 and discard the lower part of the paper.

Step 7

This will leave the triangle DCB as in figure 5.

Step 8

A cut along the left-hand dotted line will produce a Greek cross, while a cut along the right-hand dotted line will produce an equally perfect cross of the Maltese pattern.