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Animal and Nature Crafts

Animal and Nature Crafts

Animal and nature crafts are popular for every classroom, craft room and fun home activity. Here we have crafts, cut-outs and worksheets featuring favorite animals and plants that will captivate any imagination.

Cork Ducks

How to make ducks and ducklings which will float when they are placed in water.

Flying Bird

This bird will take flight when you cut out and decorate this whimsical upgrade on the paper airplane.

Pipecleaner Art Animals

By using your imagination you can make all sorts of animals, using these rules to guide you. Four pipe cleaners needed for this one.

Pipecleaner Art Birds

You can make all kinds and sizes of birds by following these rules as a basis. Five pipe cleaners are needed for this bird.

Pipecleaner Art Butterfly

Three pipe cleaners are needed to make this.

Pipecleaner Art Daisy

To suit your fancy you can make all kinds and sizes of flowers, using these rules. Five pipe cleaners and needed for a pretty bloom.

Pipecleaner Art Dragonfly

Remember the time you were in the country and heard and saw the awesome dragonfly as he zoomed past you in flight? Let's make one out of pipe cleaners…


Here's a charming turtle who you can cut out and play with.